Sometimes we find it amazing how life becomes unfair and the people around us. There are people who do not know how to accept their simple mistake that triggers to a bigger problem. They only see the bigger picture overcoming what they contributed in the first place. They blame it to other people as if they are innocent. And when things become uncontrollable, they will run from it to save their own. They will leave you in it. What’s worse? They will put the blame in you. They will never care that the whole thing will never happen if only they became responsible to “properly communicate”. They assumed you will get the signal, but in contrary, they do not want you to assume for the thoughts in their mind.(Huh?) There are really people who do not know how to communicate and when you misinterpreted them, you are here to be blamed. I do not know how to call this kind of people. Someday they will realize how much trouble they caused by their simple mistake that generated a bigger impact but it’s too late. They only see your mistake. Oh, maybe they are aware about their own faults but they will never care. Their mindset was: “You are to be blamed because you have caused so much trouble” but when you asked them to dig in to details and trace the root of the problem, they won’t give a word. Because they already convinced themselves that they should be free from any prosecution. They do not want to suffer the consequence of their own mistake that impacted you. But what you’ve done that impacted them? They will let you suffer from it by all means. Rational and fair in the highest form, indeed. Cheers


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