September 2013

This was the first time I travelled with a buddy – my sister. First time to travel overseas more than once a year. First time to go to the same place. As I thought it would be boring, I was wrong. I was given the chance to rediscover HongKong after two years since I went there. More places I went I never bothered to explorer wayback like Lantau Island and Disneyland. Also a bonus Macau trip is an unforgettable experience as this was my first time to travel by sea through TurboJet going there and a first class seat going back c/o Cotai.We’ve been inside few popular five star luxury hotels and casinos which I drooled taking pictures – The Grand Lisboa(where we found the popular golden tulip, and the largest diamond cut) The Galaxy Macau(my favorite; a huge castle like structure where the we watched The Diamond show) and The Venetian – a Venice-inspired with canal and gondola in it. Ofcourse, the popular Ruins of St. Paul and Senado Square is a mirror of Macau’s history. Did I mention that Macau is an English-Portugese speaking country? Really amazing. And my nerve-breaking experience in Macau Tower which undoubtedly scarier than N Seoul Tower in my opinion. The transparent glass walls and floor from above as tall as a 61-storey floor building is one of my unforgettable experience their and the elevator going up where you can see outside. It took me a lot of courage to take a pictures from the window of the tower not to waste the HK$180 entrance fee. Pfffttt. What an experience for me and my sister.

A week or two forward, I am heading for a weekend getaway with my “HP colleagues” as we’re bound to Calaguas Island, I never been there but I heard this is still part of Quezon Province and a 30minute boat ride from mainland.

Things were redirected that if it’s not meant to be it will never be. Let’s accept and just move on to ease our lives. We can’t undo things the way we want it to be but we can change how we look into it. I keep myself busy at work aiming to achieve my goals this year. Sustaining the momentum of getting in there and CONSISTENCY is my card to win this. Monitoring my stocks for the sake of it is one of my hobbies now, I love watching my investments going up and down. Lel. (laugh-extremely-loud) For almost two months I’m into the stock market, I gained more than a thousand pesos cumulatively already. Yeah. 😉


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