Apple Fanboy :)

Ever since I got an Apple device on my hand wayback 2009 when I had an iPod Touch 2nd generation, my loyalty for Apple products never changed. Yes, there were times i leaped into Nokia and Samsung which were bombarded with high specs and superb but sometimes useless features. But what about Apple? Does it mean they are not innovating or have similar packages? NO! So what is it all about? Simply because it’s Apple, a precious portfolio of gems like of a jewelry shop.

Economically speaking, the price of the latest competitor’s device is equal to the Apple’s year-old trend. Or if it’s at par, the others brand’s price plummet very fast. People have reasons why they keep buying despite of “luxurious price tag” – and to tell you I am one of those. The precious material used, plus the wonderful experience tell it all. The “chic” factor is a factor and the “premium feel” it has on the hand is another story; not to mention that it’s also a statement after all.

So as Christmas is approaching, new devices were unveiled a while ago and I have watched it myself, yes, I set an alarm to wake up at 2AM Oct 23(Manila Time) to catch the Apple Event that commenced 11AM Oct 22 (SanFranciscoUSA Time) despite me being sleep-deprived.

…and I am torn whether to get an iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display or the iPad Air. (never mind the MacBoorAirs and Pros; we’ll get into that soon)

So i guess I need to save some bucks now. US$399 for the mini…. or US$499 for the iPad Air..

Earlier this month, I planned to get a cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab but the store run out of stock, this might be a sign that i shouldn’t flirt with other brands! 🙂

Long Live Apple! The most valuable company in the world and the #1 brand as well.

(PS, It is really hard to type a blog on an iPhone ever since)


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