Stay Strong, Philippines!

It’s past 9am, Saturday, Nov 16. I just got home, sleepy, tired and hungry. My sister and I had breakfast at the nearest Mcdonalds in our place. As soon as I checkin in our apartment using this famous iPhone app – Foursquare, this message appeared. Voila! Well, way too sensible than their usual message window because this one is really striking because of the tough situation happened to the Philippines.

It’s good to know that all people in the world cares for the Philippines and to the Filipinos who were devastated by the typhoon.

I myself would like to thank all nations for extending your help to us Filipinos. I live here in Manila one or two hour plane ride maybe to get to Tacloban. I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all the co-Filipinos who lost their loved ones, houses and means of living. Last week, I had my small donation via Red Cross and I hope this could help. My company is also having boxes all floors in our offices for cash and in-kind donations. I believe my colleagues are too helping repacking goods in several government agencies and our company’s internal organization and initiatives. I hope this little efforts of each one of us would contribute to make their fast recovery.

Thank you again to all who reached out to the Philippines. May God bless us all.



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