Hello Strangers

I already forgot how i learned about this movie but what i truly remember is that it’s one of the reasons why I made it to travel to Seoul, South Korea. I went to every film location they shoot, except for Nami Island, which is three hours away from Seoul. Well, I like the movie. Maybe because the time I first watched it last year, I had the same sentiments (pretty much like the picture below) Last night was my second time to watch it but still I was thrilled. (Call me lame, superficial or corny) Story is unique but a bit off to reality(somehow!) This made me wanna go back to Korea BUT as the golden rule states that “i shall not go to same country unless necessary”
Ofcourse, my sister and I recent travel to Hongkong is an exemption because it’s her travel not mine, I just joined her 😉



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