“The HP Quality”

So I ended up with this essay as an entry to our company’s essay competition about our company…

Whenever I am asked, “where do I work?” I confidently say, I work in Hewlett-Packard. This is my first job straight from my college graduation.

As prestige as it sounds, Hewlett Packard holds some of the world superlatives in the field of information technology from its portfolio of products and services. It is a leading multinational technology company and a pioneer from its full range of PCs to laptops and printers to other consumer and business peripherals, not to mention that it is largest of its kind. HP combines its rich array of software, advanced hardware and quality services in its plan of expanding its growth and withstands the fast-paced competition. HP balanced all the three categories retaining its position as key player in the business and some acquisitions it made to extend its ability to continuous innovate and deliver high quality products and services to its consumers and clients.

HP holds the title of being the largest PC vendor making its production of best and quality hardware remains unquestionable which is bundled by support software. In terms of business application software which HP also do provide to its client and offers it aspiring partners a wide variety and custom-made that fits the client’s business needs. To justify it, HP’s largest client which it provides technology services is Procter and Gamble – the biggest consumer company in the world. For a company like P&G to entrust its operations to another organization like HP is a big confirmation that Bill and David founded company is really doing its job providing the best to its customers.

And yes, there were inventions and innovations that came even before HP was founded but most of it were perfected under HP’s roof and continue to deliver to its customers to date.

However, HP recently seen to fall asleep from the competition despite its rich and historic success caused by woes from huge billion dollars losses from the declining demand for PCs followed by the flap tablet introduction and unpopular mobile devices it released. The reshuffling of HP executives worsened the crisis as the investors are upset that pull down its stock price and its removal from the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the New York Stock Exchange which took a big hit on Hewlett Packard’s reputation because of its southern trend growth.

HP is excellent in almost every aspect it brings it customers and business partners. As an employee working under its roof, I think “executional excellence” is the best HP quality I can apply to my service on my day-to-day working with our clients (Procter and Gamble). Through executional excellence, it deals with always being the best you can be delivering services with the customers. From accurate and timely results individually or through team work, high quality customer satisfaction, uncompromising integrity, trust and respect for colleagues which speak the HP core values. These values bring excellence being said and done (execution). And as part of it, putting to action plays a crucial role.

I seriously think that HP Quality can be improved through consistency and hard work to show its limitless capabilities in giving the best to the world. Its consistency delivering exceptional services and hard work in setting the bar higher each and every time to cope up in ever-changing technology advances through innovation. HP values are there to guide each employee to be the best and through executional excellence the Palo Alto based company will improve and retain its quality for being the best of its class and recover from its crisis facing right now. This strategy would help HP to attract more clients and to grow uptrend.


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