My 2013 Year Ender Blog

Here we go again less than forty-eight hours before this year ends. It is my seventh year-ender blog that summarizes all significant events happened in my life for the year passed which includes all the people that surround me; my family, friends, colleagues and long lost buddies. This was a game changer year for me when I refocused my direction and met & lost people in my life. My understanding, beliefs, principles and goals are revamped to a more mature level that deal with a better future for me.

The night. This was the person who made me stronger this year. All the pain and hatred she caused made me numb and hard to look forward and continue my life without her. Maybe without this pain, I will never be the same person as I am today. She will always be part of my life whom I shared laughter and tears. I already had moved on from our past affair and had forgiven her whatever she had caused me. Maybe, she was not really meant for me. I kept my distance for us to grow, for us to move on. I know we are on our separate path now but I am happy that once in my life time I met her that brought me a lesson in one way or another. Who knows what comes next for us anyway?

The star. This was the person who was there during the darkest hours of my life this year. She was the one who comforted me that eased what I felt that time. She made me feel comfortable. She brought my life back and redirected to the right path. She looked the good side of me even “I am the worst she know when I am mad” I am the most thankful person for letting me be part of her life, again. According to her, we’re good. We talk and chat over random things like travel leisure. I know I do not deserve the star but I am glad she was once mine and still there for me after everything. 

The sun. Well, she is the person who inspires me all the way. She is pretty and smart. I feel like floating in the air when I am talking to her. Those precious and limited moments I had with her were part of my significant moments this year. She used to teach me for things I did not know. She helped me when I need it. And she used to give me two when I just need one. Everything has changed since I made her feel special but that is fine. I still like her and she is the reason why I am doing better each day. What is important is I already have told her how I feel with all the courage inside me… but I did not court her.

On the other hand, there were other special and significant things happened to me that changed me and improved the quality of my life.

For the first time, I went to Seoul, South Korea for seven days. I prepared all the stuff needed; from the visa application, to plane ticket and hotel bookings and itineraries. Well I guess, I am good on this  – This was also the first time that I travelled with my sister – to Hongkong(the second time) and Macau. I travelled via air, water and land all the same year. – WANDERLUST!!!

After been rejected by some other banks; finally Rizal Banking Commerical Banking Corporation – Bankard issued my first ever credit card, and it is GOLD! And before this years ends? My all time-bank-buddy Bank of the Philippine Islands offered me a pre-approved credit card; And of course I accepted it! So I am challenged now to handle my finances very well.

I started to secure my future through stock market investment –say Megaworld Corporation (company behind Eastwood, Resorts World Manila and Mckinely Hill) and Bank of the Philippine Islands(one of the triumvirate banks in the country). Every month I allot 20% of my net income in investing whether I like or not. Haha. This helped me save and control my expenses. Next year, I am planning to engage with Jollibee Foods Corporation to diversify my stocks portfolio. This is the only way I can reward myself for all the hard work and stress I encounter from everyday scenario at work. I am planning to make it habit as long as I am productive. I also opened an account with Malayan Insurance as part of my subscription to RCBC’s credit card services.

Also, my sister and I opened our dollar accounts at Banco de Oro that are funded by my mom to financially secure us when she comes home.

I may not as much as a movie-goer as for the past two years but I have not missed some of blockbuster movies premiered this year. I have my two high school friends whom I go with with all throughout the year. Life of Pi, Les Miserables, Despicable Me, Catching Fire(with other friends) – just to name a few movies we watched this year and we all watched it over decent cinemas in the metro. This built close relationship to my old friends even we were not seeing each other that much anymore.

My relationship with some of my colleagues was also enhanced. This made me feel comfortable working with them and that was where productivity is at its best. I closed the year with one step higher rating than last year that entitled me for a $240 bonus and a salary increase. Thanks to my supportive colleagues and managers who understood my lack of focus and inconsistencies,sometimes. There is the challenge to do better next year! This was also the time I first went to Caliraya – one of the finest resorts in the Philippines sponsored by our company and our Team Christmas Party at Villa Lorenzo in Pulilan, Bulacan.

Gadgets, well, I was never that a “panic buyer” unlike the previous years because my perspective has shifted to travel and investing. I made a one-time big time purchase of my iPhone 5 last February. Since then I feel there’s no need to change my phone YET even iPhone 5s is around. To date, it is my second longest existing smartphone after “the sold” Nokia N8.

We have moved to our new place from Pasig to Makati City and I live now with my sister. This made us experienced a sudden spike in our cost of living. Seriously! My relationship with my sister was developed this year. I missed buying that Galaxy Note 8.0 to buy her a Christmas present – Samsung Galaxy Core. Well, no regrets. I think as her brother, it is my obligation to share what I have atleast not just to my friends or myself. We often eat meals together at the vicinity of our place.

For almost a decade she was mistakenly noted as my girlfriend due to our closeness but she is one of the important person in my life – my bestfriend. She is always there when I need someone to talk to especially during my dark moments. She helps me when I need it too. We go out and watch movies together but hey there’s really nothing between us. We get used to when people told that we are couples and laugh on it. She also serves sometimes as my fashion consultant and ofcourse advisor Hahaha.

I hit the rock bottom this year that some people already looked down on me but this was also the time that I stood up and started proving myself to everyone. This is still not the best I can be but exactly a year ago this is a better me now. I struggled in my career and financially unstable but all is well now. I am looking forward for a better year. Maybe a car? Or a condo? Or a fat bank account? Let us just forget about that extravagant tour to Paris(Meantime!). Maybe it is not yet the right time to travel there. I learned that it does not mean you can afford, you will take it. Maybe with my wife soon or my next girlfriend is a better idea than doing it alone. Remember, Paris is THE city of lights and romance and I do not want to look “forever alone” there and awkward from couples kissing under the Eiffel Tower or lovers’ putting their love locks in the bridge near the Seine River. The yearly tradition must go on and I do not want to miss it. I am in the middle of drafting my travel plan next year to compensate and make it still interesting and something to look forward to. I am also planning to finally have my membership to Gold’s Gym to handle my fitness. Explore more. Meet new people and socialize for a larger network. Invest more and be happier.

So I will end my 2013 here. It was a rollercoaster ride indeed but I am thankful that for the second half I was able to recover enough to sustain progress to be be better. There is a lot yet to achieve and to do but this year bridged me to the other side of life. I am thankful for what I have and more thankful for what I had; I know there was a reason why some things did not make it to my life up to this point; maybe not yet the right time; or maybe it is just not the right thing after all. To my mom, dad, sister, friends, colleagues – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Once again, I thank God for making my year memorable and rubbing it in how right my decisions were. He taught me lessons to become what I am right now through – “the night”, “the star” and “the sun”…

There is one quote I want to include to my blog came from Steve Jobs – “Keep moving. Do not settle”…

(December 30, 7pm SGT)

***I typed this blog for two straight hours a while ago. Cheers!



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