Movie lessons

My sister and I watched the last full show of the local film “Bride for Rent” And the below words are just those few I have learned from it.




“Long Lasting relationship”





The movie is about an ideal man who has everything who does not believe in forever and commitment, and the cliche of all movies, the woman belongs to the lower class family. The man needs to get his trust fund from his grandmother but there is a condition that he should be either at the age of 35 or she should be atleast married. He is 25. The urgency of getting the money pushed him to get back to all of his exes and ask each one to marry him. Unfortunately none of his exes agreed. So he conducted an audition to play the role of being his wife in exchange of money. So there it goes… There are a lot of twists that at the end he is the one who got hurt that brought him lessons. (Sounds familiar, huh?) The man was about to propose, for real, when he found out he was being lied to because his grandma wanted him to change for the better. The story basically deals about how to survive long lasting relationship  and the words above are just few of them.

One of the most memorable line I was truly shocked (at the end of the move) when the man asked: “Why should I accept you again?” The woman answer a lot of good things bla bla bla. And the man replied.. “Simply because you can love a person that is unlovable like me” and then he proposed, for real.


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