If you are given the chance to visit TWO CITIES in EUROPE…where should you go first and next?

The privilege to travel across Europe using a single Schengen visa is a blessing for individuals planning to backpack Europe (except for United Kingdom) for citizens of developing countries standpoint like me. Europe houses so many rich culture, architecture, literature, cuisine and people that make people eager to visit. Given the fact that most of the wealthiest countries are in Europe, well in Western and Central region. I am currently doing research across all my top 18 choices cities in Europe where to go first and what to skip and drop from the list. [See this blog entry tags]

I personally picked Paris as I have knowledge of French language,the most romantic language. The chic sound the way French do. Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Champs Elysees are among those popular tourist destinations in the heart of this beautiful city. Noted that Paris is the most visited city in the world! But then again, lots of social issues arise that ruined my impressions to Paris. Safety is one of the top considerations I do each city I go. But still Paris itself is an excellent place to go for each street and sidewalk are postcard-worthy. The Euro-mantic vibe.

Head to head on my top list is London. Ohhh. London. Need I say more? If there’s one thing we should all be thankful to England is the gift of its language and literature. I really like the British accent. The preservation of its monarchy is part of its notable history dated thousand of years ago. The Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, River Thames, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palance, St Paul’s Cathedral are just a pinch of salt this giant metropolis has to offer. Once to be the center of world, it is still one of the most powerful cities and the command center in Europe. It is always pegged to New York City that replaced its throne. London was hailed to be the most expensive city in the world but recent devaluation of British pounds make it cheaper than it used to be. London also suffers from social issues and juvenile delinquency. But hey this is London, as what Samuel Johnson once said, “If you are tried of London, you are tired of life”

Paris and London are connected by two and half hours train travel.

3. Amsterdam

4. Rome


How about you? What’s yours? 🙂


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