My USA itinerary.

I’ve been planning to maximize my first ever U.S. trip. Shredding thousands of bucks to make this trip possible is not a joke. I’ll enter the U.S. via JFK in New York City. I think one week is enough to see almost everything what the city has to offer and another week to go beyond its neighbor cities. Just across the bridge in Lower Manhattan is Jersey City in New Jersey already. It is part though of NY Metropolitan Area. A three-hour Amstrak train from there going south will reach Washington, D.C. This costs 60$ one-way on an economy class coach. The area is actually donated by both the Virginia and Maryland state. It is the seat of the most influential and powerful government in the planet. A lot of American historical sites too! From Ronald Raegan International Airport is a 2 hour plane ride going further south to the city of Orlando in Florida. The plane is about 150-300$ via American Airlines or Delta Airlines one way. I personally chose AA because of Asia Miles! In Orlando, you can find Walt Disney, Universal Studios and the first Wizarding World of Harry Potter. From the day I will arrive is mid-Fall season of the Eastern coast of America, I think going to FL is a bit relief of getting rid of chilly and busy NYC. And last cut will be flying back to New York state in Niagara International Airport. To avoid confusion New York City is the southern part of the New York state. The travel time is about 6 hours from Niagara. Distance is about 400 miles. Towns and other cities north of the New York City is called “Upstate New York” to fully differentiate it to the more popular city center. In the Niagara Falls area, there are two sides; the American and Canadian sides. Though the Canadian side is more popular and attractive according to most people. You can cross the “international border” via the “international bridge” (Rainbow Bridge) just make sure you have the proper documents in hand. The bridge is just almost half a mile. So can you imagine getting into the bridge in the American side and you’ll be in the Canadian side once you reach the end?

And ofcourse, my 14-day journey will commence and conclude in the City that Never Sleeps 🙂

Can’t wait!!!



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