Macbook Pro with Retina Display!

Whoa. i’ve been an Apple Fanboy! I got my very first iPhone in 2009 when i was in college – iPhone 3G then 3GS. I skipped the cycle of iPhone since the introduction of camera-centric Nokia N8! Since then i got my iPad (1st generation) as graduation gift from my mom. 

On 2012 – I switched back to Apple when i purchased iPhone in trade of Samsung S3 + cash. Ever since then, I didn’t change phone and used it for two years! — the longest existing.

Last year, I applied for personal postpaid line for internet necessities that brought me an iPad Air!

Then Christmas season last year, I got the iPhone 6 64gb Gold as a present from my mom. Yup! It’s factory unlocked 🙂

I thought it was over then here comes my most expensive Apple gadget, my Macbook Air Retina 13″ model — 8GB ram and 256GB flash storage variant. It costs around 74,990php locally, roughly 1,700USD, and is enough to take me back to New York! 

Oh yes, i paid cash even went to the bank to do over-the-conter widthrwals

I made the choice since I really wanted to be an iOS developer and to do what i really want — to design and code.

Take a look. It’s thin as the Macbook Air. 

Not to be confused on the older itierations of the MBPros which were thick, heavy and contains CD drive.

Initially i opted for MBAir due to its portability, lightweight and waistline, MBPros were a no-no before because of thickness and heavy weight, but when I see the Retina screen on the laptop and the lightness & thinness of the MBPros Retina, I gave in. Whoooaaa.

As the saying goes, “Once you go Mac, you can never go back”

Job well done Apple!


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