“New Girl” TV series

I was never a fan of TV series since it is lenghty and sometimes heavy for straight marathon. Or maybe I am just too lazy to do so. I am enthusiatic to marathon movies of different genre: sweet flicks, tragedy, crime, rom com, computer wiz, thriller, horror, name it. 

One day, my colleagues had convinced me to do so. They told me several tv series title and I ask them its plot…. Until “New Girl” came to picture. I read the plot and i gave it a try since i already signed up for Netflix account before where i watch movies. Trying to maximize my subscription.  

I watch all 24 episodes in two days of Season 1. (22-24mins per episode) during my free time at work. Then came the 25 episodes of Season 2 for another 2 days. 

I like the story and characters and i find it virtually “educational” lol… and entertaining haha! 

I cannot forget one striking line from S2E16: “I maybe an idiot but i’m smart enough to know what i lost” by Schmidt to Cece on a dating event. (They already broke up)

Currently, I’m on Season 3 Episode 11 already so I can be on track up to the current season. 


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