“New Girl” TV Series: Short Review

So, I just finished the entire 4 seasons, roughly 90 episodes, of the first ever TV Series I ever watched. It was so satisfying. I can relate to both Schmidt’s and Nic’s roles in the movie. The one who will do everything for love, the one whose life just fell apart after a break up, the one who has big dreams and ambitions, the one who has struggling self confidence, the one who has hard time getting over an ex, the one who was once a doucheb*g. D*mn it!

I like almost each episodes especially:

S3E11 when Schmidt threw the line “I maybe an idiot but I’m smart enough to know I lost.”

and S4E22: “Clean Break” when Coach is living for New York, and they are all letting go of their past memories on the box. Schmidt is so confident that he has to move on with Cece so he threw the box  on a donation post, when finally he realized he just can’t and he just can’t yet. He stupidly did everything to get that box again even it means in exchange of 500 dollars from the collector.

Cece was keeping her distance and remained quiet about her feelings because she thinks Schmidt already move on as he has a girlfriend that time, hello city councilor of LA!

Schmidt on the other hand as well, was convinced that Cece moved on that he has been told that “friends only” thing. Damn it. Then there you go.. Am not gonna spoil it though, just watch.

This TV series is currently on going in Fox Channel in the U.S. on Season 5 ,however the first few episodes are not yet available in Netflix! Yeah right. I know. Haha.




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