Just in Time – 2016 Year Ender



On a very rare scenario, I am writing my year ender blog on New Year’s Day. Well, if you consider Eastern Time, it’s still New Year’s Eve, right? HAHA


I opened the year not so well. I was still on my recovery period from my fiasco a year ago. I was broke and broken. I met someone that healed me and helped me moved on from my failed relationship. She made me feel that the world is still huge and more people like her can still care for me despite my imperfections. She was my Valentine date. We were okay not until I became scared and pushed her away. Maybe I am not really ready to be with someone. I just want the idea of it. Or maybe I met her and it has purpose.

I spent my 26th birthday at the bus terminal and most of it on the ride on my way to our province. Sad life. This might be the worst birthday ever.

I was placed under a project and was retained to my current company. I got perks with this too that helped me save money a lot. I was not part of those have been transferred to the buyer of the department that was sold. This opened my social relationship to meet new people and friends and I was too overwhelmed. I never felt so comfortable at work not until I am with them. This is by far from my previous experience on my past company that has been slowly melting down now.

I re-engaged myself to stock market and save more money; to both address my needs and wants and to pay my liabilities brought by my past relationship.

For the first time, I went to Punta Fuego with colleagues and spent late summer getaway!

I planned to visit London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland (both in the United Kingdom) as part of my comeback trip. My mom bargained to pay my roundtrip ticket in exchange of re-routing my destination in California, United States to which I agreed. I used Asiana Airlines (via Seoul, Korea) to Los Angeles on mid-November. I also sidetrip San Francisco, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Stockton, Grand Canyon, AZ and Tijuana in Mexico. This is a fresh experience for me! I visited a lot of places in my bucketlist, met my relatives and new people. I encountered new lessons to help me keenly plan my future trips. Overall, this was a successful 17-day immersion on the West Coast of America. But hey, for me, it’s still New York though San Francisco comes close a bit. I did not like LA that much as it is very huge, the spots are scattered, and the weather is sunny even for autumn-winter season. 

I was able to refresh my Apple product portfolio – iPad Air 2 Wifi+Cellular and iPhone 7 Plus 128 Matte. My previous phone got busted on Christmas Eve. So I took it as a sign to buy a new one. 

I was able to negotiate to some of my liabilities to get better options of addressing it. This might be one of the hardest part and still affecting me for what I had experience in the Middle East last year. As my closest friends said, “di ka tanga, nagmahal ka lang”.

The trauma of my dark relationship still haunts me that I felt very difficult to trust anyone not to leave, lie or hurt me anymore.

I met few women this year; Christine, Jean, Shelley, Leiho, Steffie; I was even tried to rekindle with my ex-girlfriend from college, Michelle, but none of them worked out. It’s either they have issues or I have issues with them.


One day a girl walked in to my life. This is prior to my departure to the U.S.  The moment I first saw her, I was really attracted. She is really beautiful and the time we first started a conversation, damn, I felt a connection already.  There were no “pabebe” moments. We both acted normal. You know the feeling like you know the person for so long already? That’s how I felt. I thought it was being romanticized by movie scriptwriters but nooooooo! It is happening in real life!

When I was in the U.S, we communicate daily. The sixteen-hours difference did not hinder us to chat and to video call. This is pre-relationship stage still! We talked a lot about several things and I can make her laugh always. Fast forward things, we are now in a relationship and going strong. The best thing I never had for the past six years.

I ended the year with a bang! With hopes of more success in career, more savings, stronger social relationship with my friends and colleagues, more travels; and adventures with my dear girlfriend.

Thank you Lord for all these blessings and for regaining my life back to its normal state. 

Welcome 2017! Cheers to a prosperous and stable year ahead!


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