Steph to my world 🌎❤️

01/01/2017 One day a girl walked in to my life my prior to my departure to the U.S. The moment I first saw her, I was really attracted. Her fierce and snobbish look melts me, her ever sophisticated fashion sense lure me. She is really beautiful and the time we first started a conversation, damn, I felt something, a connection. There were no “pabebe” moments. We both acted normal. You know the feeling like you know the person for so long already? That’s how I felt. I thought it was being romanticized by movie scriptwriters but nooooooo! It is happening in real life! 

When I was in the U.S, we communicate daily. The sixteen-hour difference did not hinder us to chat and to video call. This is pre-relationship stage still! We talked a lot about several things and I can make her laugh always even in to my silly jokes and pick up lines. She is cute she when she baby talk and tantrums sometimes. She has the ability to neutralize a situation especially when she knew I am mad or paranoid. She has sensitive feeling both towards her needs and to my needs. She knew when I am not fine. She knew when there is something wrong. She want us to work out. Yes, she is a hopeless romantic too. 

Our tons of similarities are the roots and foundation of our relationship; and our differences? That makes the perfect mixture of our worlds. She likes music and sports active; I am travel enthusiast and gadget freak. She shares her passion, I share mine. And I think that’s cute, isn’t it? I will always remember that moment when we first met; she hugged me tight and whispered “I miss you”. I cannot deny the chills it brought me. Our first kiss, our first make-out and further than that, it all felt special and real. She is my fifth serious girlfriend; I am her second relationship. But still a lot of things are happening for the first time. 

 I remember when a colleague once said that you can really feel it when she’s the one; and I am counting on this. Maybe it’s yet early to project things for now but I wish she’s already IT.

 I will always remember the lessons of my past flames to love, protect and respect her. I do not want to lose her. Maybe she’s God answer to my wishes to find the one? I hope she is. I love her each day we talk for hours through chat or video calls. Our relationship deepens, and so as my emotions for her. I love you, Steph. 
Happy Monthsary to us! 😘❤️☺️




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